Ceremony Sound System

 “I Can’t hear them”

IMG_5145 (2)The Wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, the reception is just the celebration of a successful ceremony. So that’s why I feel its as important to provide a great sound system and reliable wireless microphones to ensure a perfect wedding ceremony that can be heard by all your guest.


It has to be small, compact, and very portable for most wedding locations. I have put all my gear in to a single case and connected to smaller speakers that can be hidden from the guest site (as much as possible). Usually behind bushes or at least on the ground out of most persons view and out of any photos. I can provide all the music for seating, Grooms and groomsmen entrance, Bridesmaid entrance to the grand entrance for our Bride. Additionally, I can provide backing music for soloist and of course the Bride and Groom Exit song to finish the ceremony.

Ceremony groom mic



Batery pack sound for outdoor ceremony









Microphones make it possible to hear every vow from start to finis. The groom is out fitted with a lapel mic and the officiant normally uses a face mic like the one pictured above.  I do not put a mic on the bride but we can hear her from the proximity of the other microphones being used.

IMG_3236 IMG_5119 (1)

 Because Power is not always available at every venue, I built my own Battery power system capable of running everything for 2 or 3 hours. This system is very reliable and a far better alternative to the option of a gas power generator, even the best of those are much louder. If there is power I always choose constant power if available.

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Music Suggestions

With a nearly Limitless Music Collection 50,000 songs and growing I have almost everything. Still, many people are looking for ideas for the music, here is a link to the most requested songs as compiled by DJ Intelligence and Mobile Beat Magazine. I hope these may help you in creating your custom request playlist.

Top charts 1

Wedding song suggestions