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This is my smallest to midsized sound system, its the QSC K8/K10 or K12 speakers. It’s a break through, in sound technology, it’s a small speaker, with a big sound. My years in this business have seen a lot of amazing milestones but this one is the best 1000 watt speaker in a box that’s not much bigger than a shoe box. It needs less power and little space to create a big sound. Add a bass cabinet to this set and you have a system that will handle up to 200 guests. Take the bass up by adding two TurboSound bass cabinets for even more kick and coverage for about 500 guests.   But I don’t stop there, I have more options than any other DJ in Virginia, I have column style array speakers, this is the latest in smaller look with great coverage at a medium volume, due to its unique single column 12 drivers design. I even have the sound for as many as 3000 with my concert RCF line array speakers for huge events if needed. Call Me and we can discuss which is best for you event.

   DJ in RVA RCF Line array




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