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I have been very lucky over the past 30 years. After the age of 25, I looked at my career and tried to figure out my next move. Playing music at events up and down the East Coast and in nightclubs, I wondered how long one could do this. Ironically, it was profitable and lots of fun, but I knew clubs and parties would get old and so would I. It was this fear and a need for video promotion that sent me down my next path. I bought video gear with the disc jockey profits and began producing videos for not only myself but eventually for hundreds of customers. This success led to more AV opportunities. I eventually added projectors and screens to both my big DJ shows and AV jobs. As my understanding of lighting and mixers expanded, a new business was born.
Today I am really part of 3 companies, but each one is connected to the others by technology, entertainment, and the desire to amaze and delight people.


If you ever wondered how you could throw the largest party ever, look no further. As one of the biggest sound companies, and the second-largest lighting company in Richmond, and owning plenty of video screens from 50-inch to 16-foot wide, we are the only company with this much gear around. So if your budget is BIG and your expectations are even BIGGER, let’s go wild. I will even step aside, for any other DJ who wants to spin their magic at this BlowOut. My crew and I will pack enough gear to rock 10,000 dancing party-goers. If you’re seeking a more low-key and budget-friendly event, we can handle that too. Call for options and pricing. My personal favorite creation is my Outrageous Olympics. This team-building event has been a favorite of 100’s of companies. This event is basically Field Day for adults. I created this, like many of my other entertainment ventures, after a client asked for something fun and competitive for her company.

From the torch lighting to the award ceremony, this package is both competitive and fun. The teams compete in 10 wild event races. Points are awarded and added to our oversized scoreboard. With a play-by-play commentary from me (the MC) and great music from our DJ, the fun is fast-paced and infectious. Finally, the members of the top 3 teams are rewarded with gold, silver, and bronze medals. Check out more here.

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