Music is what really matters. My website spends a lot of time telling you about me, but no job is about me, it’s about great music and even further it’s about the right music for you and your guests. I’m constantly reading the energy in the room so that I can play the perfect song at the perfect time. That means your guests are always enjoying the moment. and never embarrassing YOU!

Typically events begin with a cocktail hour and dinner, accompanied by a variety of timeless standards. Whether you prefer jazz instrumentals or standard classics by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, or modern versions of the same standards from Michael Buble, or maybe more recent offerings by artists like Ed Sheeran or Mumford and Sons, our tasteful selection of dinner and cocktail music always starts the evening in style.


When it’s time to dance, I will seamlessly transition to an upbeat mix that’s guaranteed to appeal to every guest in the crowd. Choosing Motown classics, ‘70s dance, ‘80s rock, ‘90s pop, and all your personal favorites. Don’t worry I’m not gonna drop the crazy hardcore hip hop requests until the party has reached that critical mass, and the grandparents are gone. Good taste and timing is my mantra.

Click below to browse my vast collection. If you would like to request any songs that are not currently in my library, please feel free to contact me with any requests to make your event memorable.