“Get a Quote”

I pride myself on being as accessible as much as possible. While I prefer to do most business 9 to 5, that’s not always easy for many so I’m glad to take your call or meet with you at whatever time works. And don’t worry about how early or how late you might need to call with a question. I have answered my phone in the middle of the night for last-minute AV needs. I have even responded to a few brides whose DJ did not show, I was there at their receptions in less than an hour to save their day. I hope you won’t have to hire me that way, but if you do, I’ll be glad to help.

Finally, I’m going to provide both my home and cell numbers, I want you to be able to reach me or someone for your needs 24/7.

Address: 9507 Lyndonway Drive,
Richmond, VA 23229.


Mobile:+1 804 356-4777

Telephone:+1 804 747-7770